March 27th
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March 26th
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March 16th
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place me in your shining eyes
my mi, mi, mister, rock this world

March 02nd
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in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality…

February 07th
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January 29th
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January 28th
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the two moons and one sun - the moon that embraces the sun.

January 18th
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OTPs: Chilbong x Najung

January 15th
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"Which female star born in the year of the horse do you anticipate most in 2014?"

1. Go Ara 52.5% (7915 votes)
2. Park Shin Hye 26.3% (3964 votes)
3. YoonA 11.3% (1698 votes)

January 09th
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